What Hostinsight Does Differently

Simply, we don't write our own reviews. There are hundreds if not thousands of hosts available and it would be virtually impossible to review each and every one. Even if we did manage to get a big enough team to thoroughly test each product or service, how objective would that be?

Reviews are left up to our readers who have had real experience with a particular host or service and they rate it accordingly. Apart from abusive or spammy comments which we filter out (which are reported by you the reader), every review is accounted for negative and positive. We have no special arrangements with any third party. Our lists are based purely on how our readers vote. Period... Get the real scoop on review and affiliate websites!

Hostinsight Mission

We offer our readers a platform to make better decisions on their next web host. Everyone has signed up with a lemon and wished they knew better. With a sea of fake reviews fueled by hosts paying to be at the top it's make it harder and harder to find out the real truth. So share your experiences with us. We have no bias towards any host, every review good or bad is counted!

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