The Truth About Hosting Review Sites

Like many of you I always strive to get the best of the best or else the best value for money I can afford. Researching and investigating a product or service online is what makes the internet great! You don't get bombarded by sales people and you are not pressurized into making a decision on the spot! However, the internet is not all sunshine and rainbows as I'm sure you've come to experience and unfortunately there are many dark corners lurking in unsuspecting places.

That brings me to my point, the truth about review sites. Google any popular item on the internet and you will be overwhelmed with results from review sites freely offering their opinion on what is the greatest and why. You may think "Wow, this will help me narrow down my options!". But unknowingly you end up purchasing a lemon because of two words, and I can't put this more succinctly: affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the marketing of a product or service on behalf of a third party in exchange for commission or payout per successful sale. "I've found this amazing product, and look there is a discount if you click here!", sound familiar? Does it now put the review into perspective?

Hosting is extremely competitive, and probably the most competitive. Why? The internet is the fastest growing medium in the world, full stop. What do you need to grow the internet? Space, and lots of it which is provided by hosting companies. Because it is so competitive, hosts have attractive incentives for their affiliate marketers. Payouts range from $60 to $200 and increase in order to get to the top of prominent reviewers lists. That is a lot of money when considering the host wont even recover that amount from their new client within the first two years. Which begs the question, where does the hosts priorities lie, and where are most of their resources going? Customer care, upgrading servers? Right.

Hosting is extremely competitive, and probably the most competitive. Why? The internet is the fastest growing medium in the word, full stop.

How do I know if review sites are genuine?

  • It's not always possible to determine whether a review is genuine or fake. But there are questions you can ask yourself to weed out the worst.
  • Check if there are affiliate programs offered with the service you are interested in. Judging by how much they offer, and how it is offered. Keep in mind, that this is a sliding scale and marketers always barter for better rates in return for better reviews.
  • Ask yourself is it logically possible for the reviewer to single-handedly review all these products or services?
  • Compare the the reviews with other review websites to see if there are any discrepancies or contradictions, with customer service, value for money etc...
  • Does the reviewer allow users to comment about the product or service? No product or service is perfect, if every comment is in favour be very suspicious.
  • Does the reviewer update the site on a regular basis?
  • Most importantly, is the review completely one sided with very little negative aspects to point out? This is often a tell tail sign.

Those are just some things to look out for. But mostly you'll get a gut feel when reading these reviews, if something doesn't feel right it more than likely isn't. Another trend I've been seeing with these unscrupulous marketers is the use of negative keywords such as "service x sucks" in their websites, as they have caught on people are trying to find bad reviews to try and work out the truth! Again, these reviews are all one sided and try lead the reader into believing the service or product is amazing!

What Hostinsight does differently

Simply, we don't write our own reviews. There are hundreds if not thousands of hosts available and it would be virtually impossible to review each and every one. Even if we did manage to get a big enough team to thoroughly test each product or service, how objective would that be?

Reviews are left up to our readers who have had real experience with a particular host or service and they rate it accordingly. Apart from abusive or spammy comments which we filter out (which are reported by you the reader), every review is accounted for negative and positive. We have no special arrangements with any third party. Our lists are based purely on how our readers vote. Period. On top of that readers rate others reviews so that we can provide you with the most insightful and helpful reviews.

How can we prove that every review is genuine? Simply put we can't but we take every measure possible to make sure that Hostinsight is not abused and that the information provided really reflects the true nature of the service or product.

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