Get Your First Year Free With Eleven2

Like many of our readers, we also think Eleven2 is fantastic and very underated in the hosting world. So Hostinsight is offering all of our users a complete rebate for the first year. The whole $44.55! So in essence you wont pay a cent in hosting for the first year. For a real top host you just can't beat that.

So what's the catch?
  • You have to sign up using one of our links (yes, they are affiliate links)
  • In order to receive the $44.55 rebate you need to stay signed up for at least 60 days
  • You need to be able to accept the rebate via PayPal
  • Send us an email with the address you signed up with to [email protected]

That's it! Any questions regarding this special you can get us on the above email address too!

To signup, just use the link below


PS. What ever your experience with Eleven2 is, good or bad, leave your review below!

  • I've been using Eleven2 since the beginning of 2011. Haven't run into any problems at all with them. Setup was quick and painless. - Benjamin Halliday

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  • The best hosting service that I ever used: great compromise of cheap and service quality. Different plans for every need and really an amazing tech and commercial support team. - Andrea De Stefani

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  • Eleven2 is one hosting company that has given me what I wanted- the total contentment. Eleven2 did not rip me off my money and yes, it did answer my calls and replied to my mails. This web hosting company provided me quality hosting and surely I agree that it is a wonderful hosting company. I found out that amongst a lot of web hosting companies in niche, Eleven2 has offered me positive experiences. - Dora Rahman

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  • Had so many hassles with the hosts I've been with, so glad there is a medium were we can express our views! I moved over to E2 a while ago as my previous host was constantly down and with support getting bombarded by irate customers you could never get through. Not a single hitch with E2 as of yet, holding thumbs :) - Quinton Trutor

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  • I'm fairly new to Eleven2 but have complete faith in my website hosted with them. How come? There support is second to none, they are always there to help no matter what the hour. The client backend is super easy to use and coming from another host that used cPanel there was very little learning curve. Yes, I would recommend this hosting company.. I've already converted a bunch of friends! - OB1

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  • I've used Eleven2 for multiple projects. Always skeptical at first I didn't put all my eggs in one basket, but have found myself transferring more and more sites to them. They have gained my trust! - Darren Paterson

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  • Great host. If my new clients don't have an account, I get them signed up with Eleven2 or if they not with them encourage them to switch as I have that much faith in them. They have really taken an industry which can often seem seedy and underhanded into something top notch and professional! - Tom

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  • Being the President/Owner of Wicked Dezign, a web design agency from Long Island, New York; I have been a customer of many hosting companies, for myself and my clients needs. I started the journey with Go Daddy. I wasn't happy with them so I tried Arvixe. (They were worse than Go Daddy). After that A colleague of mine referred me to Web Fusion. In the past 3 months, I have called Web Fusion with problems so often that I have them on speed-dial. On my search for a decent hosting company, I found Eleven2 while reading a web design blog. I did some research and heard that they are known for their customer service. I checked out their website and figured I'd give them a try. So far so good. I haven't had to call them with any problems, and I can honestly say that i'm very happy. One thing I have noticed right away is that the speed of transferring files via FTP is much faster than any other hosting company that I've been with. And the fact that they have their own iPhone app is pretty cool. - J Lauria

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  • I'm so glad I chose Eleven2. This has been my first host, I paid a little bit extra as there were some real "deals" going around and I'm so glad I did! I've read many horror stories with people on other hosts, I just didn't have the time to deal with that admin. Eleven2 has treated me well, and my website is flourishing! - Lucky

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