Get Your First Year Free With Eleven2

Like many of our readers, we also think Eleven2 is fantastic and very underated in the hosting world. So Hostinsight is offering all of our users a complete rebate for the first year. The whole $44.55! So in essence you wont pay a cent in hosting for the first year. For a real top host you just can't beat that.

So what's the catch?
  • You have to sign up using one of our links (yes, they are affiliate links)
  • In order to receive the $44.55 rebate you need to stay signed up for at least 60 days
  • You need to be able to accept the rebate via PayPal
  • Send us an email with the address you signed up with to [email protected]

That's it! Any questions regarding this special you can get us on the above email address too!

To signup, just use the link below


PS. What ever your experience with Eleven2 is, good or bad, leave your review below!

  • False advertisement !!!!!! they say latest of everything but they use outdated PHP on shared hosting. I was shocked when i signed up and realised they have 5.3 instead of 5.5 PHP.....this is limiting almost everything in what you can use it for.

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  • I have never had such an amazing support and experience with a web host. It’s safe to say that I will never leave my website to someone else. E-mail responses come back same day. - Sarah

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  • Incredible service, did not get this kind of attention from the other "top hosts"! Feel like an actual client, not just a number!

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  • You looking for a top host? Look no further, I luv these guys! They truly are passionate about their hosting.

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  • Not bad. Have nothing negative to say.

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  • Amazing hosting company, quality of work is just topnotch that you compare it's work with mediatemple. Although, there is a huge price difference since e2 is way cheaper and still better. Good job e2

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  • I have been with E2 now for coming up 3 years and I have never had a bad experience. Their support is second to none, in my 3 years I have had 100% uptime and been treated as an individual, valued customer from the support team. I would never go to any other hosting company again. E2 have set the standard of what a truly professional hosting company delivers. I have an unlimited package and I currently host around 14 different websites, all managed within one easy-to-use cPanel and the peace of mind that I have a professional team of technical support gurus on standby if I ever need them! Thank you E2, good service brings long custom. And I intend on staying for a while yet! - Thomas Hall

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  • So after moving around from 2-3 hosts, we finally found the perfect host! This time we decided to pay alot more then standard hosting providers and go for something where we would have to stretch our budget, the support & network is great and have not found anything better even after 5+yrs in the industry! Proudly hosted at Eleven2! - Webmaster Ink

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  • I haven't had great luck with my past web hosts. There was always something lacking, either I was paying way too much with little to justify the cost, or support was extremely lacking. Eleven2 has manage to stike a perfect balance between the two. - Derail

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  • Good host, nice client interface.. gets the job done. - T. Javis

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