Frequent Q's

  • What is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is the marketing of a product or service on behalf of a third party in exchange for commission or payout per successful sale.

  • Why is my vote not showing?

    Firstly you need to make sure that you have confirmed your vote. We send out an email with a confirmation link to ensure the vote was made with a real email address, this is to ensure we limit the amount of fake / spam votes. Secondly, your vote wont show immediately it takes a few minutes for our system to update. Rest assured, every single vote is counted unless it has been flagged as abuse from our readers.

  • Does Hostinsight use affiliate links?

    Yes we do. But, this is a big but! These links do not in anyway affect the rankings on our website. They are merely there to help maintain Hostinsight and provide the best possible service to you. Not every link is an affiliate link as many top hosts, products or services don't actually provide affiliate programs and rely on word of mouth and unbiased reviews.

  • I can't find the domain I want?

    Find a short easy to remember domain is becoming more and more difficult. Fret not, you don't have to settle for some long unyielding domain! Find out how to get a short easy to remember domain.

  • Why are there so many review sites?

    Two words: affiliate marketing. In competitive environments affiliates get paid big bucks to promote products or services, the ones offering the most generally end up at the top of these lists. Read The Truth About Review Sites for all the details and learn what to look out for if you want to skip these websites.

  • How do we rank on Hostinsight?

    We use Bayesian Averages to determine the ranking order. It is a weighted algorithm, in essence the more votes there are the closer the calculated rating will go to the actual rating instead of the overall average rating. Confusing yes, but this ensures newly added hosts don't pop up right to the top just because of a few highly rated votes. Read more about bayesian averages on Wikipedia.

  • Zorbing

    The very definition of fun! Getting strapped inside a large sphere cushioned by air inside an even larger sphere and being rolled down a hill!

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