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  • DIY, do it yourself, professinal design, WYSIWYG

    Professional design or do it yourself?

    With the internet giving you all the information you possible need just at your finger tips, it is possible to do almost anything yourself if you invest the time and money.DIY is not only the domain for projects around the house, today everything is DIY and far from least is web design. However, just with most DIY projects there will ...

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  • Low Cost Hosting, Affordable Host, Cheap Web Hosts

    Affordable Low Cost Web Hosting

    When it comes to hosting your website on the internet today, there are so many options available that it can be very overwhelming to you. First of all, why are there so many choices? With the internet being one of the fastest growing mediums today in the world, which has long overtaken the print and television market. The internet being ...

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  • Semantic, WYSIWYG, Web Design, Design, Graphic

    First steps in semantic web design

    So you've taken the plunge and you want to design your first website. Great! You may be overwhelmed and bombarded by all the jargon out there from XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX just to name a few. These leave many with their heads spinning! The best thing about web design is that you don't have to know everything to create ...

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  • CMS, content management system, wordpress, drupal, expression engine, textpattern

    Top 5 content management systems

    Building a professional looking website needn’t require expensive web developers or expensive software that can run into thousands of dollars. Many new to the internet have successfully created their website from the ground up with very little experience. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a content management system. What exactly is a content management system? Exactly ...

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  • dedicates, shared, hosting, vps

    Dedicated or shared hosting?

    The internet is the fastest growing business platform to date, it offers so many opportunities whilst at the same time levelling the playing field for everybody. With the weakening economy, more and more people are looking to the internet as a means to solve their financial woes either by creating blogs to supplement their salaries or building full scale online ...

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