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  • backlinks, link building, generating link

    How do you get backlinks to your site?

    So you just went through all the paces of having your website set up, to now be exposed to a new term: backlinks. The most basic explanation of backlinks or incoming links, are connections between web pages. So naturally it would be grand if these links could be between your website and another – provided it is in the same ...

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  • can't write, hate writing

    Can't write to save your life? Pro advice on making great content!

    Before even putting your fingers to the keyboard, ask yourself: why you are writing this content and who are you writing for? You have heard the saying that content is king, but how do you create this royal display? ### Some noble tips: - Write as if you are writing to someone you know. Make sure the tone and style ...

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  • writing, content, content is king

    How does having well written content, help your business?

    Because of the daily rat race, your website only has seconds to capture interest. It is like catching a fish – if you hook them immediately, you can real them in, otherwise they are gone. You must find the perfect mix between memorable, interesting, informative, entertaining and relevant information. The secret of this recipe lies in how the reader and ...

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  • host, facebook, fan page, fans, web host

    I've just hosted my website; do I really need a Facebook Fan page?

    Don’t we all just like to be liked? That is exactly what a Facebook Fan page will do for your business, and as a result, also for you. It is an intelligent, pragmatic and inexpensive move that will enable you to not only connect with your fans, but enable them to connect with you and with others – as the ...

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  • domain name, premium domains, perfect domain, registering

    Finding a short, easy to remember domain name. It's possible!

    I'm sure many of you have logged onto your favorite domain registrar and searched without success trying to find a domain. You may have come to the conclusion that every single domain must have been registered. Cybersquatters have made it a complete nightmare to find suitable domains, even the complete abstract domains with random syllables are disappearing like hot cakes! ...

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  • domain registration, register domain, namecheap, godaddy, register, tld, sld, hyphens, keywords

    Registering your first domain name

    Great! Most of you reading this are taking the first steps in creating your very first website, this is a very exciting time but can be very daunting. I know first hand all about that but you needn’t worry. You just a few short tips and pointers away from being on your way! Registering your domain name is the first ...

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  • top host, top hosts, best web hosts, hosting

    What does it take to make a Top Host?

    I bet you landed here in vain trying to find the top host for your new website, blog or internet startup. I'm also pretty sure that your search has been in vain, finding that elusive top host can be a nightmare sifting through all those fake reviews, better offers with even more bells and whistles. Where does it stop? I've ...

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  • Google Panda Algorithm, PageRank, Higher Rankings, Search Engine Optimization

    Building websites while keeping Google's Panda algorithm In mind

    Google introduced a new ranking algorithm in February 2011 dubbed Google Panda with the purpose of shifting more of the low quality websites to the bottom of the pile and getting more higher quality gems at the top. If you had high ranking pages you may have noticed a big change in their ranking when this algorithm was put into ...

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  • battery life, browsers, internet explorer, chrome, firefox, best browser

    Need to squeeze out some extra battery life?

    I've noticed as they months go buy and my laptop ages, its battery life has diminished to the point when that low battery warning comes up, I'm left with coffee flying scurrying for power adapters so I don't lose any work. So even just a few extra minutes to me can avoid catastrophe! There have been countless tests done one ...

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  • Host, Web Host, Overselling, Limited Resources, Affiliate Marketing

    What is overselling when it comes to web hosting?

    According to Wikipedia, "Overselling or Overbooking refers to the selling of a volatile good or service in excess of actual capacity." Basically this means selling more than you actually have. This is very common in the travel industry and the amount they overbook depends on the time of year, this is to take up the slack caused by cancellations. But ...

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