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  • Moving to a new web host

    How to Transfer to a New Web Host

    Everyone has reached that ‘enough is enough’ point in their lives, the point where you physically and mentally can no longer tolerate something. It could just be that you’ve reached this point with your web host. A person’s relationship with a bad web host is similar to an abusive relationship in the real world. The abused person will stay in ...

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  • Free web hosting, web hosting

    The dangers of free web hosting

    When looking for a web host, the sheer number of options available can be daunting, however, there is one general rule that can be applied in this search - you get what you pay for. Of course this rule doesn’t always hold, as it is possible to [find a better service]( for a reduced price, however, when it comes to ...

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  • Wordpress, Setting up Wordpress

    Setting up Your First WordPress Site

    Many talented people have tried to start their own blog however, after they see the hassle in setting one up, this passion quickly fades. Initially setting up your web page or blog may seem like a daunting task requiring serious computer coding skills, however, there is actually a much easier way of going out about it: WordPress. ###**What is WordPress?** ...

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  • Viral marketing

    The Art of Going Viral

    In today’s world, nearly everyone is subjected to exactly the same popular videos through their friends and colleagues. In fact, try to name a single person who hasn’t seen at least one video of a cute cat or a laughing baby on the Internet. It’s simply inevitable that everyone has. So how did these seemingly trivial videos become so popular? ...

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  • shared, dedicated, managed, cloud hosting

    Shared, Managed Dedicated And Cloud Hosting. What Do These All Mean?

    There are different kinds of web hosting services and if you are new to web hosting, choosing the right one can be a quite daunting. The world of web hosting is constantly evolving, shifting and changing based on trends and improvements to software and hardware. For those who are not aware, there are different website hosting services namely shared, managed ...

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  • bad egg, best web host, top hosts, rankings

    Can your web host affect your rankings?

    Yes! Why you may ask, well, web hosting has for a long time been taken for granted and most people think that a host is a host. For this reason, most users will choose the cheapest host they bump into because ‘all hosts are just the same’. This kind of perception is what lands most websites in hot soup and ...

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  • rankings, web host

    Is your website drowning? How to get to the top and stay there!

    The days when people used to look for a businesses on the yellow pages are long dead. Today, anyone in need of finding just about anything will go online and search for it. This includes business and personal websites. The unfortunate thing is that most websites are not doing that great and they can use a shot in the arm. ...

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  • right web host, right foot, best webhost

    Start out on the right foot, with the right web host!

    The best way to reach your achieve your goals is by having a good solid foundation. As far as running a successful website is concerned, the web hosting services you choose will determine whether you'll have a smooth or roller coaster ride. Regardless of which type of website you want to launch, you need to choose the web hosting service ...

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  • transferring, web host, new web host, provider

    Had enough? Is it time to transfer to a new web host?

    As much as you will hate to do it, there comes a time when you need to transfer your website to a new web host. As a website owner, you will need all the support and infrastructure that will allow your website to run smoothly and achieve set goals. You are paying money for the services and you deserve the ...

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  • Google Penguin, Google Panda, Google Hummingbird, SEO

    Penguins, pandas, hummingbirds. Dodge these fluffy bullets and come out on top!

    Google is the search engine giant of our times and this means that all website owners should find out as much information as possible about how it works in terms of ranking and rules. Google uses algorithms to place websites on result pages according to their relevance and usefulness to the user. To manage this, Google has been using some ...

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