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  • Google, SEO, key words, Google search

    How to Avoid Getting on Google's Bad Side

    It’s a well known fact that Google is one of the biggest companies in the world with 70 branches in over 40 countries. There is also no denying how immensely important Google is in our day-to-day lives. Surprisingly, Google’s usefulness actually extends far past the common practice of looking up the correct spelling of words. In fact, many small businesses ...

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  • web design, good web design, website's design

    Web Design: Crucial To Your Site's Success

    It’s a known fact that first impressions in the real world are hugely important. In fact, amongst human beings there is a psychological tendency known as the ‘halo effect’ in which strangers believe more attractive people to be smarter and better than their less attractive counterparts. This of course is not always the case but there is no denying that ...

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  • Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing and How To Use It

    Your site has great content, a brilliant design and a mass following. You’ve reached the point where you think it might be time to start making some money off of it but where do you begin? The concept of those “tacky” ads taking up space and ruining the well thought out design of your site doesn’t appeal to you, but ...

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  • Guest blogging

    Why You Should Guest Blog

    Time is precious, especially for bloggers, so the idea of giving up your free time to write content for another blog might seem ludicrous. Let’s be honest; you can barely find time to write your own content, why on earth would you volunteer to write even more of it, particularlyif it’s not going to appear on your own blog? This ...

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  • Blogging

    Common Mistakes All Bloggers Make

    Although most bloggers view themselves as a creative force unto themselves, most blogs are actually pretty similar. They are similar in their layouts, they are similar in targeting a specific group of people and, most of all, they are similar in the mistakes they make. There are a number of key mistakes that are common to most blogs which, once ...

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  • Writing incredible content

    How to Write Incredible Content

    The Internet is a cut-throat environment where only the strong survive. There is simply no other way of describing it. For the standard Internet surfer- time is money – you see? If I had dared to finish that cliché you, the reader, might have left this page in search of a more interesting article. That is how ruthless the Internet ...

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  • Social Media

    How social media can take your site to the top!

    Your blog is set up, the formatting is beautiful and the content life-changing, but still you can’t seem to generate any sort of readership base. So, what exactly has gone wrong? One needs to remember that the Internet is an incomprehensibly large place with millions of blogs and sites all competing for a reader’s attention. So, how does one rise ...

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  • Deep Web

    What is the Deep Web and What Dangers Does It Pose

    Some may have heard rumours of what it is and what it contains however, very few people can legitimately claim to have dived into the deep web for themselves. The name itself oozes foreboding and mystery, and it is perhaps one of the reasons why many people choose not to explore it. Few true mysteries remain in today’s society, however, ...

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  • Hackers, Prevent Hacking

    How hackers hack and how to prevent it

    In the past few years, technology has advanced at an extremely impressive rate. It seems absurd to think that the first few personal computers were unveiled less than 50 years ago, equipped with a fraction of the processing power that modern day Smartphone’s contain. With the rising popularity of Smartphones within society, there are more and more people afforded easy ...

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  • Blogging, make money online

    How to make money blogging

    Some people may view the idea of making money off of a web page as some kind of myth, something that is done by a select few with immense technological ability. This, however, is not the case. In reality, it is possible for anyone to make money off of a web page, even through something as simple as a blog ...

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