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    How to Make Your Online Business Successful

    This is the last in a series of three articles dealing with the “How to” of online business. In the first article, the future of online business was discussed. This article will look to provide you with strategies to prepare your online business for that imminent future. The future can be a daunting place while shrouded in mystery. However, even ...

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  • net neutrality, internet neutrality, legislation

    What do the proposed changes to Internet net neutrality laws mean for you?

    Since the birth of the Internet net neutrality governed that all data should be treated equally, regardless of its content or who created it. This meant that the Internet was essentially a level playing field allowing new and upcoming websites to replace old established ones. Facebook, for example, replaced Myspace as the most popular form of social media. New legislation ...

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  • Cloud Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Cloud

    What are the Benefits of Cloud Web Hosting?

    Cloud web hosting is a service offered by tech companies for websites, whereby the businesses servers are hosted ‘in the cloud’ i.e. distributed over a number of different servers, in differing physical locations, connected through the Internet. The benefits of cloud web hosting are numerous but not without difficulties and pitfalls. ###Increased Reliability and Security With cloud hosting, because the ...

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  • Google Pigeon, Pigeon, Local Listing Packs, Google Search Engine

    What Does Google's New 'Pigeon' Update Mean for You?

    At the end of July 2014, Google released a changed algorithm to their search engine. The aim of the update was to provide more useful, relevant and accurate local search results. Widely speaking, the update is a successful one and enhances Google’s already impressive search engine. However, the update has changed the ranking system on which the results of a ...

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    How to Market Your Online Business

    This is the second article in the 3-part online business series and will focus on perhaps the most difficult challenge facing any online business: how to get noticed. The Internet is a truly huge place and, if your business is just starting out, then your site can be thought of as no more than a drop in a vast ocean. ...

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  • web hosting, web, hosting, cloud hosting

    The Future of Web Hosting

    Web Hosting has grown from fairly humble roots to become the multibillion-dollar industry it is today, but has it reached its apex yet? Like most technology, there is always room for innovation and it is no different with web hosting. So where exactly is the web hosting industry heading? ###The Beginning It is common knowledge that one needs a server ...

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  • online business, future online business

    The Future of Online Business

    This article is the first in a series of three intended to equip you with all you need to know for your online business to flourish! In our first article we consider the future of online business, the second will discuss how one can implement techniques to take advantage of the predicted changes in this sector, and the third article ...

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  • web host, location web host, international web host, local web host

    Should you use an international or local web host?

    Choosing a location to host your website is important. Cost, reliability and speed are the three main factors to be considered and different hosts across the globe can offer vastly differing levels of service. So, should you use an international or local web host? Small businesses need to keep a tight budget and a good rule of thumb to have ...

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  • Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google

    The Power of Google Analytics

    In today’s world, it really isn’t a generalisation to say that everyone uses Google. The numbers are simply mind blowing with over 11 billion Google searches conducted every month. The most popular of these searches ultimately represent the things people either most want to know or most want to buy. If a person could somehow find out what the most ...

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  • images, power of images, image

    The Power of Images

    The human brain is an extremely complex thing, however, there is one thing about the brain that we know with certainty: it responds best to images. The first thing a reader notices on a page will always be the image, and it this fact, which makes the use of images by sites so important. No matter how good your content ...

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