Why there's no such thing as a Top Ten Web Host!

There are many web hosts and if you search online, you will find many top 10 lists for web hosting. Unfortunately, most of these lists are not driven by quality; they are as a result of rankings based on the commission earned. There are only a few sites that will give you a reliable list of hosts by simply taking the vote of users. These votes result from the experience of the users with the web hosts and thus provide a list that other users can utilise.

When you are looking for a web host, you need not look at some of these lists because you might end up missing on some important properties that would have otherwise made your experience better. The best way to handle this is through researching and finding a host with the following properties:


A good web host ensures that users are protected through the use of secure socket layers (SSL). Security assures users that their data and confidential information are safe from hackers.


Top notch web hosts provide reliable server uptime and fast internet connections. Any of the web hosts that offer uptime of less than 99% are not reliable and you should avoid them. You need to choose a host that will ensure your website is up around the clock as modern technology and needs do not accept a downtime of more than a few minutes. The provider should have access to backup resources to ensure that even though problems arise, you, as the user will not feel the impact of the problems. They should not just state that they provide a 99% uptime, they should also have all the measures put in place to deliver on what they promise.


Choosing a web hosting provider should be based on how well they can change with your business. Good hosts will allow website owners to change or upgrade to more features without any barriers. Choose a host that allows you to start small with a single website but provides enough room to grow with unlimited domains or other equivalent options. This also applies for capacity and processing power.

Great Technical Provisions

A good web hosting provider should give you enough disk space for everything you need to store and more. Go for a host that offers unlimited space even for the smallest of their packages. Another important provision is band width. Go for unlimited bandwidth and though it is never ‘unlimited’ this is a characteristic you need to pay attention to.


Forget about the top 10 lists of web hosts, you should work with a web hosting provider that looks out for you. This means that the host should have a customer service support team ready and always available to assist you when you need help. The team should be available around the clock and in the event they are inaccessible, the host should ensure that there is a knowledge base that you can access and find useful information that will help you in solving your problem.

Once again, there is no such thing as a top 10 host, there are just hosts that have qualities that take care of their users and thus they end up being voted the best web hosting service providers.

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