Why most Blogs fail and how not to be most Blogs!

Everybody wants to do something that will make them famous or make them money. Blogging can do both, but like a race, not everyone who starts makes it to the finish line for recognition or a fat check. There are many bloggers around the world and this translates to millions of blogs but it is surprising just how many blogs are failing, and most of those still standing are doing miserably bad. Let us look at what mistakes most bloggers make that murder their blogs before maturity and how to avoid an early blog death.

1. Too Much SEO And Keyword Stuffing

The reason why you started a blog is to attract a target audience, right? This means that whatever you write should be relevant to your audience and make sense to them. Keyword stuffing and too much search engine optimization takes away the natural flow of the content. Of course search engines might favor you but remember the search engines will not be reading the content. The search engines most bloggers aim to impress are now interested in user-friendly content; they are not on your side. Fortunately, avoiding this mistake is as easy as focusing more on content that your readers will find useful. This will lead to sharing and more readers.

2. Infrequent Posts

Infrequent updates are among the most common blog killers. When visitors find that there is nothing new on your blog, it is like buying your favorite magazine and finding all the pages blank. Your die-hard fans might visit a number of times but eventually they will give up on you and earning their trust will be another daunting task. Regular readers are your most priced possessions and when you have nothing to keep them there, your blog will not escape failure. On a minimum, post at least two interesting blogs in a week and this will keep them coming back.

3. Failing To Know Your Audience

Not knowing your audience is like a German teacher teaching in a French class; both are languages but the teacher and the students are not reading from the same script. A blog where the writer is providing information the audience is not interested in is bound to fail. To ensure your blog is not falling in this common hole, do your best to understand your audience, find out what kind of content they like, the writing style that interests them and the type of images that will make them want to keep on reading. Have a special connection with your readers and your blog will be around for a very long time.

4. Failure To Promote The Blog

You have started a blog an there are a number of interesting posts, but still you have little or no readers. If things remain the same, you will eventually give up on the blog and it will be one more failure counted. To solve this, bloggers need to master the art of promotion. There are many tools that you can use on the internet to direct people where you want them. If you don’t have money for paid ads, use the free tools provided by social media networks. After all, social media sites are what can make your blog go viral through sharing.

It is only when you stop looking at your blog as a hobby that it will succeed. There is no argument about the fact that you love blogging, but treat it professionally and you will reach out to a wider audience and make money in the process.

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