What does it take to make a Top Host?

I bet you landed here in vain trying to find the top host for your new website, blog or internet startup. I'm also pretty sure that your search has been in vain, finding that elusive top host can be a nightmare sifting through all those fake reviews, better offers with even more bells and whistles. Where does it stop?

I've spoken about it before, fake reviews are the scourge of the internet. Any product associated with an affiliate program is plagued with these fake customer reviews in order for the affiliate marketer to make the sale and get his commission. It's gotten to the point where you can BUY reviews in the thousands. Read The Truth About Review Sites to learn more on how they do this.

So what do you look for in a top host?

Firstly I'll tell you what you don't need to look for. It's not about the endless list of features, free site builders, galleries and shopping carts. These often limit you as you end up stuck with what the host provides with often outdated scripts. You may also think more is always better, and what could be more than unlimited, right? But ask yourself with this simple analogy, how can everyone choose the size of their slice of cake? If someone you sharing with takes a huge chunk, you going to be left with crumbs. Unlimited to the host provider means, "we know you probably won't use that much and if you do we'll stick you with one of our acceptable use policies". Don't fall for it! Choosing a host that has limits is a lot safer in the long run, you can always upgrade with peace of mind know the host isn't operating on minute margins trying to cut corners wherever they can!

This is what you do look for in a real top host

Reliability, support, speed and scalability. If one of those aren't up to scratch, stay away it will only cause headaches down the line. Top web hosts provide excellent hosting, that is it. They don't need to convince you with gimmicks to make you part with your hard earned dollars. Good hosts provide you with the necessities, so they can concentrate on providing you with the best possible hosting and not having to spend fortunes on support!

Getting a list of websites hosted with the host is a good start to determine their reliability and speed. Contacting the support via email and telephonically allows you to judge how effective their customer support is. Most importantly when deciding on a host, do your homework. Don't rely on one websites opinion, the internet being a level platform for all, unfortunately can still be extremely biased. Stay away from top 10 lists, it is impossible to compare every single host and single them down to just 10. Try and find genuine reviews from real clients, ask friends about their experiences and get involved with online discussion. Try and find and find out what really goes on behind the scenes before you commit to a host. Your time is priceless. Good luck!

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