What does good content look like?

In today’s busy world, it is important that your website is designed and structured in such a way that your users can get what they came there for. Understand that they are like hunters, constantly roaming the web to find what they are looking for – be it products or information.

The main building block to ensure a good site is outstanding content. Here are a few lessons:

Write for readers: Firstly it is of utmost importance that you understand your users. With this as an ever present guidance, remember to:

  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use short sentences
  • Use simple, every day words

Use design to create interest: text and images must be balanced and work together towards making your products desirable.

  • Do not be afraid of white space
  • Alternate images and text
  • Highlight call to action in different colours
  • Alternate font sizes

Understand sales copy which converts

  • Use words like ‘because’ or ‘imagine’ to create a desire
  • Make it fun
  • Provide proof
  • Create desire

Treat each page like a landing page to make sure that you communicate exactly what it is that you want the reader to do and how it will benefit them.

Write beautiful copy. The average user is exposed to so much information on a daily basis; they want to read something fresh and different.

Even though we might know and understand these facts, it is not so easy to pull all this together. Writing great web content is not just about choosing the right words, selecting the font that fits your text and adding some nice images - you must appeal to the emotions and logic of the users.

Create an experience for your web visitor as this is how your website will contribute to bring in more business.

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