Start out on the right foot, with the right web host!

The best way to reach your achieve your goals is by having a good solid foundation. As far as running a successful website is concerned, the web hosting services you choose will determine whether you'll have a smooth or roller coaster ride. Regardless of which type of website you want to launch, you need to choose the web hosting service provider very wisely. Number of other "top 10 lists" projecting their services as superior](/the-truth-about-review-sites/) will not make things easy for you. Here are important things to look for when selecting a good web hosting company, and as always you can always trust our web host reviews from our users:

1. Web hosting is cheap, but there's also "FREE"

Most web hosts, especially the free ones will want you to put advertisement banners on your website to market their services. This is done so as to cover the hosting services you are getting for free. Though there are no fast rules to this kind of demand, most people will not appreciate the pop-up windows and some cannot stand advertisement banners. If you know that your audience will be put off by the advertisements, you can go for a paid web hosting service where you will not have to place any banners.

2. Do you have enough wiggle room to grow?

Will you get all the space you need? If you will need to expand your website in future, which is obvious, you will need a web host that will allow this. The space needed varies with websites depending on the depending on the type of content you upload such as text and images. A good host should provide the space you need to expand and upload more files. Be wary of hosts that offer unlimited plans for next to nothing, remember they are offering this to ALL their clients so things could get a abused, and the site you sharing with others could suffer.

3. Does the host provide all the tools you need?

FTP is the most common way of uploading files to your server. Some of the hosts will only allow you to use the online site builder they have and while this may appear to be enough in the beginning, as your website grows you will need to make use of more advanced tools. Go for a web host that gives you access to FTP as this will give you the freedom to build a site that has better functionality and appears unique and professional.

4. Speed and Reliability

This is crucial because if your website is not responsive or not very reliable, you may not even get the chance to lose visitors as you may not get any in the first place. If your site shows up in the search engine result pages and when the user tries to access it finds it down, they will immediately click back and Google will record this as a bounce (which negatively affects your rankings). Slow loading websites are frustrating to all users (except for those still stuck in the stone age on dialup) and this is why you should ensure that you are working with a host that provides uptime all the time and if there are downtimes, they should be minimal and rare and sorted out asap.

5. Spend a buck to makes some bucks!

While in most cases you always get what you pay for, if it's too good to be true, it often always is. You should choose your host based on the features you need and the hosting reviews by others that have used them in the passed. There's no better way to sign up for the best host than reading about passed users experiences. Good luck!

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