Shared, Managed Dedicated And Cloud Hosting. What Do These All Mean?

There are different kinds of web hosting services and if you are new to web hosting, choosing the right one can be a quite daunting. The world of web hosting is constantly evolving, shifting and changing based on trends and improvements to software and hardware. For those who are not aware, there are different website hosting services namely shared, managed dedicated and cloud hosting. Below is a brief description of what these services are and how they work:

Shared Web Hosting Services

Shared web hosting services is a situation where multiple websites are hosted on one web server and connected to the internet. Each of the websites has its own partition or position on the server to separate it from the other websites. Of all the website hosting services available, this is the most cost effective since the overall server maintenance costs are shared by the many users. In this kind of service, the host is responsible for tasks such as managing the servers, security updates, installing needed server software and providing technical support to the consumers using the services.

There are numerous shared web hosting service providers around the world ranging from small companies to large corporations with hundreds of thousands of customers. The fact that there are so many providers and that the resources are shared between users is what has brought the overall cost of hosting down.

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting Services

Managed dedicated hosting, as opposed to the shared web hosting, gives the users their own individual servers but without full control. Though this is the case, the users are given the freedom to manage their data using remote management tools such as FTP among others. The main reason why users are not granted full control of the server is so that they cannot access server modification and prevent any problems in configuration that might occur in the process. So in the real sense, since the user will not technically own the server, it will be leased to them.

Cloud Web Hosting Services

With the increase in information and applications, websites have gotten larger and need more than one server to host. Sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Google etc... require a lot of space and pay a lot of money for server maintenance. Actually, their individual server farms are larger than most of the web hosting corporations. To manage the traffic flowing to these sites there is a need for software that will allow the same program to run on different computers simultaneously.

Cloud hosting gets rid of downtime since when one server crashes; when there are others where traffic can be redirected to. This kind of cloud hosting can be costly but what hosting companies have done is bring shared-cloud hosting to the market. Like shared hosting, users share the resources greatly reducing the costs associated with cloud hosting.

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