Registering your first domain name

Great! Most of you reading this are taking the first steps in creating your very first website, this is a very exciting time but can be very daunting. I know first hand all about that but you needn’t worry. You just a few short tips and pointers away from being on your way!

Searching for a domain name on NameCheap

Type in your desired domain and click "Search". Couldn't be easier!

Registering your domain name is the first step in creating your website.

So what exactly is a domain name? To put it as simply as possible, it is the address of your website. The easy to remember name that you type in your browsers address bar to get to a website. The internet uses IP (internet protocol) addresses to determine where your website lives. These are 4 sets of numbers that can look like this: You can see these are very hard to remember, that is why we have domain names which map to these IP addresses for easy reference!

There are many types of domains available. Common top level domains (TLD’s) include: .com, .net, .org, .info, .us & .biz. Second level domains are the part that falls to the left of the TLD. For example with HostInsight’s domain, “hostinsight” would be the SLD. More common SLD’s are for academics and companies such as: and, the SLD’s being ac and co respectively.

Registering a domain name is really easy once you’ve found the domain you looking for that is!

Here is a list of some Domain Registrars

I’m sure you very well aware that the .com extension is the most popular which makes finding a short easy to remember domain name increasingly difficult. Luckily most domain registrars will show you some suggested domain names that are available and if you have big bucks a list of premium domains being sold like we have on the right here:

NameCheap search results

Suggested domains can often come up with some interesting results!

The use of hyphens in domain names like “” used to be popular a few years back. However search engines are paying less attention to keywords in the domain and it may actually be more beneficial to you to create a brandable name which; with enough exposure becomes much easier to remember.

Once you have found your perfect domain and it’s available you are almost there. Click on buy or add to cart and before you pay, check out with the domain registrar you have chosen to see if there are any coupons! You could save yourself $2, if not why not? Once you’ve made payment that brand new domain is yours and you own a little peace of internet real estate. Pat yourself on the back!

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