Need to squeeze out some extra battery life?

I've noticed as they months go buy and my laptop ages, its battery life has diminished to the point when that low battery warning comes up, I'm left with coffee flying scurrying for power adapters so I don't lose any work. So even just a few extra minutes to me can avoid catastrophe!

There have been countless tests done one which browsers are the best and fastest, with Chrome and Firefox always in the spot light. It came to much surprise to me, that we really haven't tested how efficient each of the browsers are, and it was even more of a surprise that Internet Explorer 9 was leading the pack! This is according to a test done by 7Tutorials. There are settings you can change in Explorer to lower the performance, but increase battery life. If you know places to charge are going to be few and far between boot up ol' Explorer, and follow these tips from 7Tutorials!

Advanced Power Settings for Internet Explorer 9

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