I've just hosted my website; do I really need a Facebook Fan page?

Don’t we all just like to be liked? That is exactly what a Facebook Fan page will do for your business, and as a result, also for you. It is an intelligent, pragmatic and inexpensive move that will enable you to not only connect with your fans, but enable them to connect with you and with others – as the network grows.

Popular advantages include:

  • Unlimited friend count
  • No cost
  • The possibility to create a customised landing page
  • A way to talk to and get feedback from your target audience
  • The option to keep your personal life relatively private
  • Creation of brand sponsors and a way to tag your brand
  • Expansion of your clients and prospects
  • Addition of unlimited photos and videos
  • Advertising of products and events

More importantly though, is the fact that through using a Facebook Fan page, and linking it back to your website, you are automatically generating a huge amount of traffic. Traffic you can get to know and understand, by obtaining statistics of visits. You will also be able to create instant mailing lists. With Facebook as one of the most popular social media platforms around, Facebook fan page customers will be able to share your page with their friends and in doing so, maximise your online presence – taking your business forward.

But how does it work? First your Facebook pages are indexed by the search engines, allowing greater search engine optimisation (SEO), making cross-promotion on other social media more accessible. Once your Fan page has accumulated more than 25 fans, your page will get a custom URL. If your customers then ‘like’ your page, you immediately have access to their attention – and all that at no cost.

If you want to take the use of your Facebook fan page to the next level, encourage your fans to create videos, tag photos and comment on the fan page. The backbone of the fan page is quality and relevant content. A typical Facebook user wants to interact, so here is your chance to create great content by sourcing it from your fans, and letting your online community award you with a big ‘like’.

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