Is your website drowning? How to get to the top and stay there!

The days when people used to look for a businesses on the yellow pages are long dead. Today, anyone in need of finding just about anything will go online and search for it. This includes business and personal websites. The unfortunate thing is that most websites are not doing that great and they can use a shot in the arm. Search engines index different websites according to relevance and usefulness to the users and when you are not in the first search engine result page your website is drowning. Here are techniques to save you from the murky waters of low search engine rankings.

1. Choose Your Keywords Carefully

Picking the right keywords is directly proportional to your websites visibility. Being at the top is not easy and staying their will require work. If you are running a physical business, then you will want to add, on top of the industry keywords, geographical locations that will help you get a more targeted market. Think like your target audience and find words they would use to find your of business or website. This is what will push you up the ranks fast and save you from falling in the abyss and be forgotten.

2. Use Local Search Strategies

As aforementioned, having a localized strategy will do great in terms of enhancing your website’s visibility. A lot of people search for web sites that have information about their area of residence and you should take this opportunity to make yours the website they find first. Since people are searching for everything online including the coffee shop around the corner, you should make sure they find you, the better your search engine ranking, the more traffic you could have through your door!

3. Provide Quality Content

Having a website is not just about being online; you have to be there with a purpose. Since people will come in expecting to find useful information, ensure that your content is of high quality. Understand that the search engines you are trying to impress work for the users and will favor websites with good content THEIR users like. To mange this, research the needs of your audience and provide information they can use to improve their lives or solve problems. This will increase the time they spend on your site and Google will reward you accordingly.

4. Promote Your Site Through social Media

Social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter can provide great backlinks and Google gives extra attention to these kinds of sources. They are also a great way to promote your website and can contribute to the overall improvement of your website’s ranks.

5. Choose Your Web Host Carefully

The web hosting service provider you choose also has a part to play in your rankings. Go for a host that provides an uptime around the clock and has high loading speeds because when the speeds are low, your bounce rate will compromise your ranks. Excess downtime will lead to less crawling of your site by search engines and this will lower your ranks on search result pages.

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