How to Transfer to a New Web Host

Everyone has reached that ‘enough is enough’ point in their lives, the point where you physically and mentally can no longer tolerate something. It could just be that you’ve reached this point with your web host. A person’s relationship with a bad web host is similar to an abusive relationship in the real world. The abused person will stay in the relationship because they either believe they’ve put too much effort in to leave, or that their partner will ‘change’. In actual fact, both of the above mentioned reasons simply don’t apply when it comes to leaving a bad web host as, firstly, a bad web host will always continue to be bad and, more importantly, a transfer to a new web host can be made in such a way that you can retain all of your content and even your followers and subscribers!

The Signs of a Bad Web Host

So how do you know when you’re not getting your money’s worth from your web host? Generally a good indicator is that if you are even in the least bit frustrated at the service you’re provided with then you are not getting your money’s worth. There are many quality web hosts out there who strive to make your blogging and site experience as enjoyable as possible. Users must remember that they are spending their hard earned money on the web host’s service and, thus, it’s entirely unacceptable that this service doesn’t meet the required standard. For a more in depth look into telling if it’s the right time to leave your web host read the following article.

How Do You Transfer to a New Web Host?

Transferring to a new web host can be a stressful experience as it’s pretty much the Internet equivalent of moving houses. The transfer to new host can be conducted in two separate ways.

The first method is to pay a company to transfer your website to a new host for you. This method is similar to paying a moving company to pack up and carry your furniture to your new house when moving houses. However, this method involves payment which renders it unappealing when one considers the second method, which is where you manage the process yourself, and is free.

The process of transferring to a new web host has several steps. A crucial step in this process is making sure not to tell your current web host that you plan to transfer to a new one as your current web host could prematurely terminate your page out of spite. The next thing an individual should do is sign up with a new web host and then make copies of all their website files off the servers of the old host. At this point, a person should be contracted to two separate web hosts and should have possession of copies of all of their files from their web page, which should now be downloaded from the old web host’s servers and uploaded to the new web host’s servers.

After this has been done, only one, admittedly crucial, step remains, which is to change your site’s DNS. This may sound intimidating, however, after a person understands the concept of a site’s DNS, this step will appear fairly intuitive. DNS stands for ‘domain name system’ and is something that every site possesses. When a site is created, a domain name must be registered, where after the domain name is linked to its respective website. Each hosting company will have a DNS server where its clients domain names are kept and linked to their respective web pages. It becomes fairly obvious as to why one has to change their DNS when they change web hosts.

If you don’t change your sites DNS when transferring to a new host, the browser would look for your domain name in your old host’s servers as this is where the DNS would direct it. Changing your site’s DNS to your new host’s server is an absolutely crucial step.

After your DNS has been changed, it will take approximately 48 hours before the rest of the Internet becomes aware that your DNS has changed, at which point your web page at your new web host is good to go. Once your change in DNS has been accounted for, you can finally enjoy the pleasure of telling your old abusive web host that its services will no longer be required! However, it is recommended that you wait at least a week after changing web hosts before cancelling with your former web host, just to make sure that everything has transferred smoothly. This is essentially everything you need to know in order to transfer to a new web host!

There really is no excuse for poor service from a paid web host and you should not hesitate to transfer your site to a web host who will treat your site better. People should, however, realise that free web hosts will not have the same incentive to provide their clients with quality service as paid web hosts will. So when it comes to web hosting, it really is a case of getting what you pay for, and if you’re not getting your money’s worth then a transfer is definitely the best available option.

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