How to make money blogging

Some people may view the idea of making money off of a web page as some kind of myth, something that is done by a select few with immense technological ability. This, however, is not the case. In reality, it is possible for anyone to make money off of a web page, even through something as simple as a blog that you started as a hobby. So, what exactly does a person need to do to turn their beloved blog into a money making machine?

Quality content

It has been noted that to generate advertising money you need people to visit your blog. The best way to attract people to your page is through quality content. One should always write about a subject that they are both passionate and knowledgeable about. Your content should be in-depth and interesting but most importantly it should target a certain group of people. Therefore, the content of the blog should be written in such a way that it appeals to the audience, for example, you wouldn’t use a playful tone if your blog was a about a war in a certain country.

Another factor, which drives people away from your blog, is infrequent posts. One must post at frequent, predictable intervals so people can get into the habit of reading your blog. Therefore, generating traffic on your page is vital if one hopes to make money off of their blog.

Branch out

Once your blog has gained a number of consistent readers it could be time to branch out. The first way to do this would be to start selling merchandise related to your blog online. If your blog is popular enough, the sale of items such as T-shirts and coffee mugs could prove to be a hugely lucrative venture. Another way to increase the flow of money would be to put a ‘donate’ button on the site. Here, people who enjoy the blog could donate money to your creative cause in the hope that it keeps you writing. These two options are, however, only possible once your blog has a large enough following.


Some may claim that it takes away from the personality of their blogs, but in any case there is no denying that advertising will be the primary source of income for most bloggers. So how does one go about getting advertising on their page? Probably the most efficient way of going about this would be to make use of Google’s ‘ADSense’. Google ADSense is a free program that allows all kinds of publishers to make money by displaying targeted Google ads on your page.

Furthermore, the type of ads that appear can be customised, controlled and formatted to the blogger's desire, thus not detracting from the content of the blog.

It is important to note that it is almost always a better option to go with paid web hosting over free web hosting. Free web host companies generally reserve the right to place their own advertisements on your blog, which seriously reduces your blog’s earning potential. For paid web hosting, advertisements will generate money every time a person accesses your blog, which brings us to our next point.

Therefore, it has been shown that if you take the right steps, making money off your blog could soon become a reality.

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