How social media can take your site to the top!

Your blog is set up, the formatting is beautiful and the content life-changing, but still you can’t seem to generate any sort of readership base. So, what exactly has gone wrong? One needs to remember that the Internet is an incomprehensibly large place with millions of blogs and sites all competing for a reader’s attention. So, how does one rise above the chaos and get noticed by the general public? In short: social media.

What is social media?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, social media is a technological phenomenon that has swept the world in recent years. Social media is defined as the social interaction among people, in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Social media has become exceptionally popular in recent years with social media sites Facebook and Twitter having 1.32 billion and 1 Billion users respectively. To put that into perspective, if Facebook was a country, it would have approximately the same population as India, thus rendering it the second largest country in the world.

Implications of social media

Social media sites have unparalleled global reach, but how exactly does this help your ailing blog? These social media sites have powerful interactive features which allow people with similar interests to connect with one another. For example, Twitter uses the ‘#’ sign, known as a 'hashtag', to identify messages on a certain topic. These features have therefore turned social media into the ultimate marketing tool as one person’s message can literally be seen by millions of people, which makes it quite obvious that social media is an extremely useful tool in promoting ones blog.

How to make social media work for you

Social media sites can be a daunting place when starting out as a person is constantly bombarded with new information; however, it is akin to having a super power once you have it mastered. Twitter is probably the most powerful marketing tool in the world due to the awe-inspiring powers of both the ‘hashtag’ and the ‘retweet’.

The hashtag allows all people interested in a certain topic to connect with one another instantaneously through the click of a button. This is extremely useful for bloggers as they could tweet a link to their blog, followed by a hashtag containing the blog’s topic, and everybody in the world interested in that topic would be able to see it.

The ‘retweet’ button is also extremely effective - if a person liked what your blog had to say, they can ‘retweet’ it, which instantly allows everyone following that person to view the link - allowing retweets can have a snowball affect, the more of them your initial tweet gets. This means that the link to your blog can very quickly bounce around the world, accumulating thousands of views in the process.

The immense power of social media as a marketing tool for your blog is blatantly obvious. So when trying to rack up readers, remember one thing: don’t underestimate the power of the hashtag!

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