How does having well written content, help your business?

Because of the daily rat race, your website only has seconds to capture interest. It is like catching a fish – if you hook them immediately, you can real them in, otherwise they are gone. You must find the perfect mix between memorable, interesting, informative, entertaining and relevant information.

The secret of this recipe lies in how the reader and your brand and tone blend. Always keep in mind that readers visit a website to find what they are searching for. They care about number one – themselves. They also care about how your business could help them to get or accomplish what they want.

Don’t make the mistake of only writing about yourself and what you do so well, but say how you could do it so well for them. Place the focus on the reader and appeal to those needs and desires you know they have. They know what they are looking for, that is why they found your site – now let your content show them how you can help them, clearly and with perfectly placed calls to action which draw them in!

Ensure that the following elements are aimed at your reader:

  • The design – professional, easy to navigate and attention grabbing
  • The content – know what your reader wants and give it to them in a tone and style which they will relate to
  • The strategy and tactics – will your readers prefer to read blog posts or receive a newsletter, purchase products or do they just visit your site for quick information?

If your website was a cake, the content is the icing. The reader does not really care about your architecture, platforms and infrastructure, but definitely about your content and what it can do for them. Remember, the richer the icing, the nicer the cake. Content is not only the words but also graphics and media content.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so a website mixed in this way, will result in:

  • Increased search engine ranking
  • A credible reputation
  • Better income from advertising and sales via your website
  • An increase in traffic
  • A likelihood that you will be recommended to others.

So go on, let your content work for your reader.

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