Had enough? Is it time to transfer to a new web host?

As much as you will hate to do it, there comes a time when you need to transfer your website to a new web host. As a website owner, you will need all the support and infrastructure that will allow your website to run smoothly and achieve set goals. You are paying money for the services and you deserve the best your money can get. Let us look at a few issues that should really make you think about switching to a new host.

Increased Downtime

If your host does not offer great service in terms of a guaranteed uptime about 99%, then it is time to pack and leave. The downtime will not only frustrate your visitors, it will also frustrate search engine crawlers and your site will start slipping down the ranks. Search engines aren't going to frustrate their users by pushing them to websites that are down.

Limited Space

Websites are bound to grow especially with the increase in information and the changing technology. This means that your host should give you a package with large capacity to accommodate the changes. If there is no such package or it costs a fortune, you can simply move on to another web hosting service provider and save time and money.

Marginal Tech Support

Not everyone can handle the technical issues revolving around web hosting services and this is why we need technicians when we have an issue. A good web hosting service provider will put in place a team working 24/7 to give the needed support to the customers. If you are working with a host that makes it difficult to solve problems then you should be thinking about transferring your website to a better host.

Finding A Good Web Hosting Service Provider

First you will need to conduct a research on the available web hosts and find out more about their features. This will allow you to identify any compatibility issues that could cause some problems down the line. Some of the things you will need to check include do they support the platform you use i.e. Wordpress, Joomla etc. What methods do they have for uploading files to the server, do they give you full shell access?

Inform People

You need to have etiquette and inform people that your site will be moving and over which period of time. The users will be your best assets because they will understand why you are doing it and will inform you when there is something that is not working right and might have missed your attention during the move.

Move when there is least activity so that only a few people will be disrupted. Make a list of all the things you should do and this will assist in ensuring that all the processes are handled. Once the move is complete, and all files are in place, and the testing has been done, you will now need to change the DNS. Incase of any changes, you can simply look at the old host and confirm. If you don’t need the old host any more, you can now cancel it and concentrate on your new web host.

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