Can your web host affect your rankings?

Yes! Why you may ask, well, web hosting has for a long time been taken for granted and most people think that a host is a host. For this reason, most users will choose the cheapest host they bump into because ‘all hosts are just the same’. This kind of perception is what lands most websites in hot soup and they sink down the ranks that end up compromising their online visibility. How do you tell the difference? We will look at how your webhost choice can impact your search engine rankings.

Bounce Rate

The time users spend on your website is vitally important to search engines. They use this to determine how "interesting" your website is. If the user clicks back immediately after they've landed on your website they obviously didn't find anything useful or your page loaded too slowly and your bounce rate will increase. Make sure your website loads quickly, there is no excuse today for a slow website even if you can only afford budget web hosting. Most people will not have the patience to wait and see what you have to say, this is the Now generation, everything has to instant or you are yesterdays news.

Down Time

If the uptime of your site is non-existent and down time is the order of the day, there is very good chance that you will move down the ranks faster than you got up there! Search engines have crawlers they send to all websites to find out if there is relevant interesting information. When the crawlers come and find that your website is down, they will not have access and they will simply not take back the information required to index your site. For this reason, you will be on a downward spiral as far as ranks are concerned.

Bad Company

When you are choosing your website host, ensure that the other sites you will be sharing your host with are of good quality. A wise person once said that you can know a man by looking at the company he keeps. Things are not different in search engine rankings. Search engines can label you as a "bad" website if they deem the other sites yours resides with as "bad". The solution here is to do your best to find a host that hosts "good" sites that search engines are in love with.

All of the above can greatly affect your search engine rankings which is why it is crucial to keep them in mind. To be on the safe side, you need to conduct research and find out which hosts are offering genuine uptime of at least 99%, have great loading speeds and are not hosting garbage websites. The host should also have technical support around the clock and easy access that gives you an opportunity to call the technical team and have anything fixed as soon as possible.

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